2005 – I’m a teacher at an inner London school vowing to stay living in the city until after the Olympics

2013 – I left London and shifted my teaching career over to Essex and married my boyfriend of 8 years. I ended up finding a school and a team I was blissfully happy to work in and my career was progressing rapidly.

2016 – Made the decision to try for a baby, it all happened very quickly and whilst I was 8 weeks pregnant, I interviewed and accepted a role as Head of School…and I moved house in the September of that year.

With a due date of the 15th December and Christmas coming and going with me crossing my legs, I was induced and gave birth on 28th December to my wonderful little man.

Now I’m in an endless loop of household chores, nappies, milestones and good days and tired, teeth-grindy days but what am I finding hardest? The acceptance of this new role and, at times, how much of my old identify ebbs away. Solution? Mentally dump in blog posts, lots and lots of walking, cherish my little man, decide how I can juggle everything with the affirmation I am becoming a better person with each passing month.

I’m not unhappy. I love my view everyday.

People ask me how it’s all going and I have no shame in saying that I am finding the adjustment really tough. I’d been independent since I was 18, supported my partner through a huge career change both mentally and financially and now it was me needing the same support. I’m not used to that in my personal or my professional life.